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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

Buying for a man is always a bit challenging and Valentine's day has proven to be no exception. Flowers and chocolate just doesn't do it for them like it does us women. Nonetheless, the men in our lives deserved to be celebrated on Valentine's day too. Below are some ideas sure to wow your partner and show him some love!

A lot of men enjoy being active and value an experience over a product. Think about his hobbies and try to turn them into a fun activity for you both to partake in together. Is he an outdoorsy wilderness type of man? Plan a weekend camping trip. Does he love music or play an instrument? Take him to a concert of one of his favorite artists! The options are endless and will create memories that can last a life time. Below is a short list of ideas to help inspire you!

  • Shooting / Archery Range
  • Axe Throwing
  • Indoor Skydiving
  • Top Golf / Golf Simulator
  • Brewery Tour
  • Escape Room

Another special option is having a product made and personalized just for him! Whether it is a sports themed welcome mat for his man cave or a playing card set, he will have something tangible to remind him of you. Personalize the design or add your names to make it unique. A gift like this can be used for years and the sentiment will never grow old. 

grilling cutting board chophouse personalized design with steer headwhiskey decanter with fishing lure design personalized with name

personalized tumbler for men with outdoorsy designanime inspired picture frame

If you're looking for something easier to pick up through a major retailer, there are plenty of good options as well! Men can sometimes be simple creatures so practical and useful gifts are great. Next time you go to the store with your man, tune in to see what things he points out or says he could use but doesn't buy. Putting together a gift basket of smaller gifts still shows your intentionality while being a bit more accessible. A short list of easily attainable options is below. 

  • Gift cards for his favorite stores / restaurants
  • His go-to toiletries (soap, deodorant, etc.) 
  • Accessories for his hobbies (game controller, guitar picks, golf balls)
  • His favorite snacks / candy
  • Staples for his wardrobe (Hoodie, Socks, Hat)
Valentine's day should be all about the love you share! While gifts are not necessary, it's always fun to give and receive something special. Make sure your focus is on your partner feeling loved and no option will disappoint. Whether you take him go-karting, buy him a personalized bird feeder or give him a gift card to his favorite sportsman store, he will know your love for him is immense.
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