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Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her

When it comes to Valentine's Day, ladies are notoriously known to receive flowers and chocolates. While that is always a good option, who really wants to play it safe? Surprise your love this Valentine's Day with something out of the box that she will cherish for years to come! 

Something often overlooked is an experience! Does your girl love art? Take her to a museum! Does she want to become a better cook? Book a cooking class! The options are plentiful and can be uniquely chosen based on what peaks your partner's interest. This is perfect for the girls whose love language is quality time. Below is a short list of experiences sure to show your love through so much fun.

  • Candle Making 
  • Pottery Class
  • Sip & Paint
  • Dave & Buster's
  • Zoo or Aquarium
  • Theme Park

Another great option is personalizing a product just for her! Whether it is a picture frame or wine glass, she will love to have something special that no one else has an exact duplicate of. You could personalize the design or add names to make it perfectly fitting for the couple. A gift like this shows off your creative side and intentionality! 

If you're looking for an easily accessible gift, there are some options you could pick up at any major retailer. For some women, simple yet useful presents are the way to go! Is there something she has been saying she would like to get but has been putting off buying? If you can't think of anything, making a gift basket with several smaller things is always a sweet idea. A short list of heartwarming gifts is below!

  • Gift Cards for her favorite stores and restaurants
  • Her go to makeup, perfume or toiletries
  • Book or Journal 
  • Her favorite snacks/candy
  • Cozy goods like a blanket, socks or slippers

It is so important to remember that Valentine's day is not all about getting and giving presents to your partner. It is about reminding your person about the love you have for them. Whether you go to an escape room together, buy her a personalized jewelry box or give her gift cards for her favorite coffee shop, your love for her will be displayed and undeniable. 

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