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Unique Father’s Day Messages and Quotes

Unique Father’s Day Messages and Quotes

Father’s Day is a perfect day to go above and beyond to say, “thank you and I love you” to your father figures. Although sometimes it’s hard to think of the words to express how much you’re grateful for dad. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate list of Father’s Day quotes, sayings and messages that every father will cherish.


Messages from Children

  1. You’ve loved me as long as I’ve been alive, but I have loved you for my whole life.
  2. A son’s first hero is his father. Thank you for being mine.
  3. You’re welcome for making you a dad so you can celebrate Father’s Day!
  4. I hope you weren’t expecting a gift, because I am your gift. Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Dad, you are in my top two favorite parents. Love you!
  6. Dad I may have found my prince, but you will always be my king. I love you!
  7. Daddy, no matter how big these hands grow, I will always be your little one.
  8. Behind every great daughter is an amazing father.
  9. God hit a home run when he made you, my dad.
  10. Dad you are so loved.
  11. I’ll always be your little girl; you’ll always be my hero. I love you!
  12. You’re never too old to need your dad. Thank you for everything!
  13. I’ll always be your little one, you’ll always be my world.
  14. Who needs fairy tales when you are daddy’s little girl?


Messages from Wife

  1. The only thing better than having you as my husband is watching you be a daddy. We love you!
  2. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest father, husband, protector, and friend.
  3. You give our children someone to admire, respect, and honor You are a fantastic father and husband.
  4. I am so grateful to be sharing parenthood and love with a wonderful man like you.
  5. Our children are so lucky to have an impeccable father to shape their lives.


Messages for Stepdads & Father-In-Laws

  1. You stepped up to love another’s child as your own. You may not have given me life, but life gave me you. I love you.
  2. What is a father-in-law? I don’t know. Because in you, a perfect dad I see.
  3. A step father means so many things. An understanding heart, a source of support, and a friend for life right from the start.
  4. Even after you met me, you still wanted to be a part of this family!
  5. I appreciate your role in my life. I learn from and look up to your often. Happy Father’s Day!


Messages for Grandpa

  1. The only thing better than having you as my father is my children having you as their grandpa.
  2. Grandpas are blessings from above. We love you!
  3. A grandfather holds a special place in our hearts, right where all the love is!
  4. Grandpa, growing up, some of my favorite times were just hanging out with you!
  5. I hope your day is filled with the same care and love you always give your grandchildren!


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