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Top 10 Unique Wedding Trends & Touches

Top 10 Unique Wedding Trends & Touches

It’s your special day, but you don’t want to it be exactly like everyone else’s. Take the next step and incorporate more personal touches to your wedding that the guests have never seen before.

We found the top 10 Wedding Touches & Trends to make your wedding especially unique without blowing your budget.

Personalized Bar LED Sign

With a wide variety of beverage options, you need an organized way to let everyone know what is being offered. This personalized wedding bar LED light is customized with the signature cocktails, beer, and wine menu. It is also a great way for people to know where the bar is when it gets dark.

In Lieu of Favors Sign

Don’t want to waste money on wedding favors that no one takes with them? Get creative and add a sign or note at everyone’s table that reads “in lieu of favors, we donated money in your name” and pick a charity, dog shelter, food bank, or anything else to donate the money you would have used on favors to someone who needs it.

Personalized Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests to the wedding with this personalized wedding welcome sign. Personalize this wedding guest signature sign with the couple’s names and wedding date. This is also great for photo opportunities.

Anything But Cake

Cake is so overrated! Be unique and choose a different but delicious dessert for the cake cutting. Our favorites are brownies, strawberry short cakes, and donuts! Guests will love the out-of-the-box dessert option and it will be a hit at the wedding.

Bring the Pet

Our pets are a member of the family, so they have to be included in the big day. Ask a close friend or family member to hold on to the dog and when the ceremony is over you can get memorable pictures with the pooch. Tie an adorable bandana around their collar for the pictures. Even better, utilize man’s best friend by asking him to be the ring bearer.

Bouquet Photo Charms

Your something blue can be this one-of-a-kind bouquet photo charm. They are a beautiful to feature the family members you lost. They will be right next to you the whole time. With a little blue charm, this bouquet charm can also be your something blue.

Personalized Unplugged Ceremony Sign

Need a way to politely let your guests know to keep their phones away during the ceremony? This personalized unplugged ceremony sign is the answer. This sign reads, “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. Please turn off phone + camera and enjoy this special moment with us.” The sign is also personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date.

Last Name Neon Sign

One thing we can all get on board with is a personalized neon last name sign. This sign is perfect for photo opportunities and a romantic setting in the reception space after dark. Plus, you can take the sign home and light up your house for years to come. We love Two Lit Avocados neon signs because they have sixteen font options and twelve colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your wedding.

Wear an Heirloom

A sentimental trend for weddings is wearing your mom or grandma’s wedding dress. If you love it and it fits, your mom will be so surprised when you choose to wear it. If it doesn’t fit or if it’s too old, there are more options to incorporate the dress into your wedding; use the lace on your robe or make a bouquet wrap with the dress material.

Personalized Wedding Memorial Lantern

Looking for a unique way to incorporate your lost loved ones into your special day? This personalized wedding memorial lantern is a perfect way to honor them. Personalize the lantern with the couple’s names and wedding date. The lantern features the quote, “For those we have loved and lost along the way, a flame to remember them on our Wedding Day.”

Bonus Idea!

Our Favorite – Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Something that is close to home for us is the Pittsburgh Cookie Table!  Ask members of your family to make a few dozen of cookies to create a cookie table for dessert. This touch is unique and it will give everyone a variety of desserts to choose from.


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