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The Best Proposal Ideas for 2022

The Best Proposal Ideas for 2022

Planning a proposal for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! You may be asking yourself, who do I bring, where should I go, and when should I propose? There are so many great ways to make planning exiting by involving family, pets, your relationship, and your personalities. No matter what the season, there are plenty of picture-perfect proposal ideas. Even better, add the perfect proposal picture to this personalized “She Said Yes” Engagement picture frame to remember the day!


Summer Proposal Ideas


This idea is simple, yet romantic. Plan a picnic lunch at the lake. When pulling all the contents from the picnic basket, the last thing to pull out is the engagement ring.

 Picnic Proposal Idea

Sunflower Field

Visit your local farm’s wildflower or sunflower festival for a picture-perfect engagement among beautiful flowers.  

 Sunflower Field Proposal

Use Your Pet

The only thing they may love more than you, is their pet! Incorporate your pet by using a bandana or collar around their neck that reads, “Will you marry my dad?”

Dog Proposal

At the Beach

If you have a planned trip to the beach or if you live near the beach, carve “Will you marry me” into the sand, before taking a walk on the beach. This will create a romantic sunset proposal by the ocean.

 Beach Proposal

At Home

For a personal but sweet proposal, stay close to home, literally. Spread flower petals and candles in the room for a quiet and sentimental proposal.

 Proposal at Home

Fall Proposal Ideas


While Carving Pumpkins

One of the most popular fall activities is carving pumpkins! Don’t let them see what you’re carving and at the end reveal the “Will you marry me?” that you carved into the pumpkin.

 Carving Pumpkins Proposal

By the Camp Fire

When you are cuddled up next to the fire, toasting marshmallows, put together their smore with the ring in between two marshmallows. Make sure they can see it before taking a bite.

 Campfire Smore Proposal

Halloween Themed

If your significant other’s favorite holiday is Halloween then this is a must-do! Dress up as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. Get down on one knee and ask if next year you can be a real bride and groom.

 Halloween Costume Proposal

In a Corn Maze

They think you are trying to find a way out, but in reality, they are trying to find the romantic scene with flowers and pumpkins that read, “I found the perfect one, will you marry me?”

 Corn Maze Proposal

On a Hike

Hiking is the ideal way to propose for the adventurous couples who love to be outside. Take them on a hike to see the beautiful fall leaves and when you get to the top, pop the question.

 Hike Proposal

Holiday & Winter Proposal Ideas


While Seeing Holiday Lights

A beautiful and colorful way to propose is while seeing holiday lights. When you both are inside a tunnel of lights, get down on one knee for a glowing proposal.

 Holiday Lights Proposal

Carriage Ride

A horse drawn carriage ride is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful winter weather and snuggle up for a timeless proposal.  

 Carriage Ride Proposal

In an Ornament

After all the gifts are open on Christmas morning, recall that there is one more gift left and pull an ornament from the tree, revealing the ring inside. Spend the rest of the day celebrating at the family dinner.

 Christmas Ornament Proposal

Drinking Hot Chocolate

Make delicious homemade hot chocolate in the new mugs you bought, but at the bottom of theirs, it reads, “Will you marry me?” A simple yet, surprising way to propose.

 Drinking Hot Chocolate Proposal

New Year’s Resolution

When sharing your New Year’s resolutions with each other, state that yours is to get engaged and married, then pull out the ring. A New Year’s resolution you will be able to stick too!

New Year's Eve Resolution Proposal

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