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Summer 2022 Home Trends

Summer 2022 Home Trends

Taking on a home remodel can be intimidating, especially when you are designing it yourself.

If you are thinking about renovating your home or adding simple updates, then check out our top 5 home trends for summer.


Curves naturally give off a soothing feel that calms the space down. The best way you can bring curves into your home is to create a circle with your furniture. The easiest way to do this is to find an oval coffee table and place your furniture around it. For extra appeal, add a large oval or circle rug that brings all the furniture together.

Curves Summer 2022 Home Trend

Appliances in Kitchen Island

Incorporating appliances into the kitchen island can help create a more open and functional space. For example, a microwave built into the island rather than one sitting on the countertop gives you more space to prepare meals.  Alternatively, a wine or mini fridge in the island stocked with go-to drinks provides family members and guests with easy access to refreshments without getting in the way of the home chef.  

Appliances in Kitchen Island Summer 2022 Home Trend

Gold Features

There are so many ways to incorporate gold accents into every room in your home. Start in the living room with gold lamps, wall art, and legs on the coffee table. Next, bring gold into your kitchen by changing the faucets and lighting to gold fixtures. You can also change the fixture in the bathroom. While remaining elegant, add an attention-grabbing gold chandelier to the bedroom.

Gold Features Summer 2022 Home Trend

Inside Rooms Outside

Get out and get some fresh air, but do it in style. Bringing the inside outside is the latest trend that we fell in love with. Enjoy the warm weather with a nice set of patio furniture that you can eat at, play games at, host a party at, and more. Add a botanical centerpiece, an umbrella for shade, and create an adjacent lounge area for additional comfort after dinner.

Outdoor Dining Summer 2022 Home Trend

Dedicated Activity Room

We have been spending more time in our homes than ever now, which is why we need dedicated activity rooms. A dedicated activity room can be a home office, home gym, play room and more! This allows you to have either a space to get away and get work done, exercise, or a space for the kids to play without causing disruption elsewhere.

Home Office Summer 2022 Home Trend

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