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Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother

Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother

Do we ever fully heal from the grief and sorrow of losing a mother? A simple note and gift can start to ease the pain of this impossible feat.

We have handpicked these mom memorial gifts that will surely provide comfort and pay tribute to the life of their mother.


Wind Chimes

Why are wind chimes one of the most popular memorial gifts to give a grieving loved one? Wind chimes produce peaceful sounds which many people associate with the presence of their lost loved one. A sympathy wind chime that is personalized with the mother’s name makes the wind chimes more meaningful during these hard times.

                Here are our 5 top-rated mother memorial wind chimes:

                                Mom “On Angel’s Wings” Memorial Wind Chime

mom on angel wings memorial wind chime

                                In Memory of My Mom Wind Chime

mother memorial wind chime

                                Mom Always in Our Heart Wind Chime

mom always in our heart memorial wind chime

                                “Listen to the Wind and Think of Me” Memorial Wind Chime

listen to the wind and think of me mom memorial wind chime

                                Butterfly Sympathy Wind Chime

mom memorial butterfly wind chime

                With hooks on top, these memorial wind chimes make beautiful mother bereavement gifts.



The hardest part about losing a mom is that there are no more calling her about everything, but you can still continue the conversations with her in heaven.  These letters to mom in heaven journals are a unique way to include mom in your life even when she is not around. You can jot down memories, notes and everything you'd like to tell your mother in heaven.

                Choose from two different designs and three different colors:

                                Mother Grief Journal

mom memorial grief journal

                                Letters to Mom in Heaven Journal

letters to mom in heaven memorial journal

Sympathy journals are a heartwarming way to communicate to your mother after she has passed on.      


Picture Frames

Incorporate your mother’s memory into your everyday home décor with a custom mother loss picture frame. These frames come in a variety of styles, colors, and poems that are engraved into the frames.

                Our most popular mom memorial frames:

                                Mother Loss Poem Picture Frame

mother memorial poem picture frame

                                “Mom Without You…” Memorial Frame

 mom live without you memorial frame

                                Forever In Our Hearts Sympathy Picture Frame

forever in our hearts mother memorial picture frame

Honor her life with a personalized picture frame to display anywhere in your home, like she is always with you.


Unique Mementos of Mom

Keeping on the theme of home and garden décor, these next few gifts are unique ways to honor a mother’s life after she is gone. Whether her love came from inside or inside her garden, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind gifts to remember her.

                Our 5 favorite unique memorial mementos for loss of mom:

                                Mother Memorial Bird Feeder

mother memorial bird feeder

                                Mom Memorial Picture Frame LED Lantern

mother memorial picture frame lantern gift

                                “Mom, On Angel Wings…” Memorial Garden Stake

mom on angel wings memorial garden stake

                                Mother Memorial Wood Heart

mom memorial wooden heart decor gift

                                Memorial Table LED Light

mom loved you forever funeral memorial LED light

No matter what it is, you will feel your mother’s presence with a personalized memorial gift.


Every gift always means more when you leave a personal message of condolences. Though they can be hard to write, we’ve gathered a list of tips and ideas to get started. Read more, here.

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