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How To Start a Grief Journal to a Lost Loved One

How To Start a Grief Journal to a Lost Loved One

Writing in a grief journal to your lost loved one is a beneficial way to cope with the great loss. All you need is a pen and a personalized memorial journal. A memorial journal is used to share your emotions, thoughts, experiences, struggles, triumphs, and more with someone you are grieving.


Just Starting Out Tips & Encouragements

When you are first starting out, writing to your loved one can be time-consuming and energy-draining, however it gets easier with every passing day and journal entry. Start by writing a few sentences a day; they can be a simple summary of your day or how are you feeling that day. Either way, it’s important to get your feelings out and begin to work through this impossible feat of losing someone, no matter if you lost your dad, mom, brother, sister, child, or any loved one.


My Personal Experiences Keeping a Grief Journal

In my grief journal, I love to write as if it is a love letter to my lost loved one. For example, I start out each journal entry with, “Hey Jordan, I miss you extra today.” Some days I write about my day, the boring stuff. Some days I write how I am struggling without them. Some days I share the positives I saw in my life. Some days I share funny stories that I knew they would enjoy if they were still here. After writing for several months, I can feel my mental and physical heath growing better as I work through the grief by journaling. My stress levels have gone down, I am enjoying the little things again, and I am sleeping more.


Greif Journal Prompt Ideas

If you still aren’t sure what to start the journal entry with here are a few of journal prompts that got me started on my journaling journey.

  • What is a positive memory of your loved one?
  • Today I am happy that…
  • There are all the ways I am honoring my lost loved one.
  • Here is a picture of how I feel today.
  • Write about the first day you met.
  • How did the loved one make you laugh?
  • What do you think they would say to you right now?
  • Your goals for the rest of your life.
  • List the three (or more) favorite things about them.
  • Share what you miss about them today.
  • Write the songs that make you think of them.
  • I feel better when I…
  • What makes you angry about your loved one’s death?
  • What do you do that would make your loved one proud?

Even with all of these journal prompts, there might be days where you don’t feel like writing and that’s okay! They understand and are with you in spirit. It’s your grief journey and it doesn’t have to be and won’t be perfect.


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Start your healing journal journey, here.

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