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How to Oil and Care for Your Wooden Cutting Boards

How to Oil and Care for Your Wooden Cutting Boards

There’s a reason why so many chefs prefer wooden cutting boards. Not only are they beautiful, they are durable, gentle on your knives and bacteria-resistant. But, wooden cutting boards do require a little TLC. Don’t worry, taking care of your wooden cutting boards is pretty simple!

Below we’ve answered some of the mostly commonly asked questions about wooden cutting board care.


How Do I Wash a Wooden Cutting Board?

Washing a wooden cutting board is easy! Under warm running water, use a sponge and mild dish soap to scrub the surface of the cutting board.

Pro Tip: Don’t submerge your cutting board in water as it will absorb the water which can lead to warping and cracking.

Be sure you scrub and rinse every part of the board, giving extra attention to the areas that came in contact with food. Once you’re finished rinsing the cutting board, use a towel to dry it on both sides. Stand it up and let it sit out for a few hours to completely air dry. Once it is dry, apply an even coat of cutting board oil. Before putting it in storage, stand it up and let it air dry again.


Can I Put a Wooden Cutting Board in the Dishwasher?

No. The dishwasher will not properly clean your cutting board. Plus, the heat and water exposure from the dishwasher will cause the wood to soften and expand which eventually leads to warping and cracking.


Do I Need to Oil My Cutting Board?

Absolutely! Regularly oiling your board will extend the life of your board. How? Oil keeps your cutting board hydrated which helps prevent detrimental warping and cracking.


How Do I Oil My Cutting Board?

Place a few drops on the board, then use your hands to cover the cutting board with an even coat. If you have a cutting or carving board with a juice groove, be sure to massage the oil into the juice grooves, handles or other dips in the wood. Once the cutting board is evenly covered with oil, sit it up and let it air dry for 3-5 hours.


How Often Should I Oil My Cutting Board?

To keep your board looking its best, oil it at least once a month.


How Do I Remove Bad Odors or Stains from My Wooden Cutting Boards?

The best way to remove an odor or a stain from your wooden cutting board is to use an acidic solution that will break down the fats, such as vinegar or lemon juice.


When Should I Replace My Wooden Cutting Board?

With proper care, your wooden cutting board should last many years (usually 5-10 years). However, like all cutting boards, it will eventually need to be replaced. When your board becomes excessively worn, displays cracks or has warped it is time to replace the cutting board.


Have more questions about how to maintain the life of your wooden cutting board? Comment below.

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