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How to Host Thanksgiving with Ease

How to Host Thanksgiving with Ease

The best time of year is almost here! There will be plenty of family, friends, and food. Hosting Thanksgiving can be very stressful and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few simple steps!

First and foremost, you need to make a plan and map out the food, guest list, the dessert, and the décor.


First, you must decide whether you want to make the entire dinner yourself or ask everyone to bring a dish in a potluck style dinner. A potluck dinner is an easy way to take all the stress off yourself and it gives everyone a chance to bring a unique dish to the dinner. If you prefer to make everything yourself, make sure you plan ahead and write a timeline of tasks and dishes that need to be prepared so you are not stuffing everything on the stove and in the oven at the same time.

thanksgiving dinner side dishes

Guest List

Creating a guest list is helpful for having the correct number of cutleries, food, drinks, and places to sit. If you decide to host a potluck dinner, keep a list of everyone invited and what they are bringing so you don’t end up with more than one of the same dish.

guests at thanksgiving


Dessert is the most important party of any meal, right? And pie is the most important dessert of the fall. This personalized pastry board is perfect for baking pies with ease. The cutting board features engraved pie diameters and two rulers for cutting lattice strips. Thanksgiving dinner will have the best pies with the help from the pastry board.

engraved pastry pie cutting board


A little goes a long way, so you don’t have to go overboard with decorations. Simple mini pumpkins, floral fall leaf arrangements, and warm colors creates a homey and cozy space. We love this modern, white pumpkin and greenery fall garland. This long garland is the perfect décor piece for your mantel or place as a centerpiece for a long table.

fall garland from HolidaydecorCrafts on etsy


Now that it’s over, you can relax and enjoy the time with friends and family. Take your favorite group photo from the day and display in this personalized “Thankful” picture frame. With a cute fall leaf design, this frame will add to your fall décor, and it will be a beautiful way to remember the fun day.

engraved thankful thanksgiving fall decor picture frame

Helpful tips!

Sometimes we overlook the simple things when planning a holiday dinner, but we made a check list, so you are fully prepared for the big day.

  • Don’t forget about toiletries. There will be a lot of people in and out of the bathroom. Make sure you are stocked up on toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.
  • Double check a week in advance that you have enough serving spoons, potholders, and silverware. We don’t want anyone having to use their hand as a scoop!
  • Definitely splurge on left over containers. This will make is so much easier for everyone to take leftovers home without stealing all of your Tupperware. Plus, everyone knows you will have way too much food on the table at dinner.
  • It’s okay to serve store bought food! Cooking a whole thanksgiving dinner is stressful, so don’t be afraid to head to the grocery store and pick up a premade dessert or side dish to ease to cooking load. If you put it in a different dish, no one will know.
  • Lastly, just make sure you have pumpkin and apple pie. It’s not Thanksgiving without them. Please don’t forget the whipped cream for on top!


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