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How to Host a Graduation Party

How to Host a Graduation Party

No matter how big or small the party, be sure to get started early and include the graduate in every detail of planning. After all, it is their party.

A graduation party can be a lot to plan by yourself, and you may not know where to begin. We have a perfect checklist, timeline, and helpful tips to help you get started and plan the best party.


Graduation Party Check List

3 Months Before

Pick a date
The date is the most important piece of information! Without a date, there is no way to plan the rest of the party. Before solidifying a date, check with your immediate family and friends that they are able to make it on that day.
Pick a venue or location
If you do not or cannot have the party at your house, start calling around to local venue to reserve a spot. Openings go fast so be sure to do this at least three months in advance.
Create a Rental List
Once you have a date and location, figure out what you need to rent or order. Do you need tents, tables, and/ or chairs? Maybe the graduate would like entertainment at the party, such as, live music, a photo booth, or a caricaturist. 

2 Months Before

Order food and dessert
You could either ask family and friends to each make a dish for the party or order it all from a restaurant or grocery store.
Create the guest list
Sit down with the graduate and form a list of family, friends, and others that they would like to celebrate their graduation with. 
Create and mail invites
After the guest list is finalized, order invites and get these in the mail as soon as you can so guests are able to write it on their calendar.
Shop for party supplies
A month or two before the party, start shopping around for the decorations and party supplies you need. Don’t forget the basics, like silverware, plates, cups, and napkins. Check out the “Helpful Tips” below for décor ideas.

Week Of

Notify Neighbors
If you have chosen to have the party at your house, do not forget to notify your neighbors that you are having a party and there will be guests coming and going all day.
Don’t forget to clean the space
Before you start setting up, be sure to clean and sanitize the space. No one wants dusty tables to eat on!
Set up
The day before and the morning of the party, set up all the tables and chairs, decorations, and games.
Send out thank you cards
The week after the party, the graduate needs to write personal thank you cards.

Helpful tips that will make your graduation party unique

DIY Center Pieces

Grab mason jars or vases and fill them with the school colors confetti or flowers and place a photo or two on a stick and place them in the jars for a personal centerpiece.

How to Host a Graduation Party - Centerpiece Idea

Fill mason jars or vases with water and flowers, then stick “2022” and graduation cap decorations out of the top.

How to Host a Graduation Party - Centerpiece Idea

Fun Table

Glue pictures of the graduate from when they were born to now on a poster board to display for all the guests to look at and reminisce on.

This personalized signature guest book is a unique way to compile the guests’ words of encouragement and advice.

Include a flag or mug with the college, trade school, or company the graduate has decided to take their next step at.


If you have any more questions or need advice on planning your graduation party, feel free to comment or contact us!


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