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Small Wedding Splurges

Four Small Wedding Splurges You Won't Regret

Maybe you’ve always planned for a small wedding or perhaps you’re cutting the guest list to comply with the current gathering restrictions. Whatever the case, small weddings can be really great!
Small weddings are more intimate – allowing you to enjoy the moment with your new spouse and close family and friends. Plus, with fewer guests, you’ll also find that your budget stretches further. With that extra cash, you can splurge on some details that you may not have been able to do with a larger guest list.

The Food

Feeding hundreds of guests can add up quick. Especially since the average wedding catering cost-per-person is $70, according to The Knot. For context, a wedding of 200 guests will cost $14,000 in food alone!
With large guest lists, couples often find themselves selecting less desirable catering options simply because it has a lower cost-per-person. But, with less guests to feed, you can likely opt for more expensive options while still adhering to your budget.   

The Drinks

Deciding on the bar situation for a large wedding is stressful. An open bar could cost a fortune, but guests may consider a cash bar to be tacky. Limiting the drink options or establishing a per-person limit is always an option, but it’s still going to take a hard hit to your wedding budget.
With less guests, you won’t have to worry about that hefty bar tab. Instead, you can splurge on signature drinks, more expensive champagne, and drink options that cater to your guests. Add an even fancier touch with personalized champagne glasses for each of your guests! 

The Décor

It’s no secret that even the simplest floral centerpieces add up quickly when you’re accounting for several tables. Less tables to set, less space to decorate, less favors to give all equate to more budget to spend on higher-end décor.
Less guests also gives you the opportunity to be more creative with some of the traditional wedding reception accessories. For instance, swap out a hefty wedding guest signature book with a wedding guest signature board that can be later displayed in your home.

The Photos

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and it deserves to be well photographed! Despite the size of your wedding, splurging on a great photographer is totally worth it.
However, small weddings have a slight advantage when it comes to capturing photos. Without having to rush back to a large reception, you may have more time with the photographer. Plus, you’ll be able to take photos with each of your guests – a sentiment that they will surely appreciate.
Once you get your wedding photos back, be sure to splurge on a few personalized wedding picture frames. Afterall, this is a day you’ll always want to remember.
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