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Everything You Need to Know About Dog Loss

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Loss

After you lose your beloved dog, there is a void in your heart and you want to find ways to keep them alive. Whether you want to find a personalized dog memorial gift, read heartwarming dog loss quotes, or create a unique dog memorial display, keeping their spirit near will forever remind you of their joyfulness. We compiled information for you to have when your dog dies, including how to make final arrangements, how to memorialize your dog, and coping with the loss of your dog.


Making Final Arrangements for the Loss of a Dog:

What do I do if my dog dies?

If your dog dies at home, it’s important to call someone for support. Being alone can take a toll on your mental health, so it’s recommended to call a friend or family member to come be with your and your dog. You can decide to dig a grave for them or speak with the vet to have them cremated. If you think your dog has taken a turn for the worst, take them to the vet immediately. The next thing to do if seek comfort in friends and family. Be sure to tell them about your dog passing and ask them to share their favorite memories with them.


Gifting for Dog Memorials:

Should I send a gift to someone whose dog has passed away?

Absolutely! Sending a dog memorial gift is a great way to show that you care and help provide comfort to those grieving the loss. Dog memorial gifts are available in a variety of price ranges, so you'll be sure to find something no matter what your budget is. 

What is an appropriate gift to give to someone whose dog has died?

You want to find a meaningful gift that provides comfort and support while also keeping the dog’s memory alive. To show your appreciation and love to your loved one, think about giving them a personalized dog loss gift. A few heartwarming examples of dog memorial gifts are, dog memorial picture frames, loss of dog garden chimes, dog sympathy gravestones and more.


Coping with Dog Loss:

How do I make a sympathy dog display at home?

First, find a spot in or outside the house that was their favorite place to be. If that spot is inside, you can create your memorial display by setting their collar and favorite toy together along with a personalized loss of dog keepsake, which creates a beautiful way to remember them.

If their favorite spot was to be barking up the tree at bird or squirrels, then consider handing a dog memorial wind chime or dog sympathy bird feeder in the tree they loved.

Dog Memorial Says and Quotes as a Reminder of Their Love

If you find comfort in reading, then consider reading over dog memorial quotes as a reminder of their joyful spirit and that you will see them again. Reading a few dog loss sayings every day and provide encouragement and comfort. The best dog memorial sayings include.

Missing your unconditional love and playful paws, we are not apart. You’re gone from our lives but never from our heart.

You smiled with your eyes, laughed with your tail, and loved with your heart.

No longer by my side but forever in my heart.

 Read more dog sympathy quotes, here.

Is it beneficial to look through old videos and photo of my dog?

Yes, of course! Reminiscing on old photos and videos of your beloved pup can help you forget about the last few hard days and make you remember the good times you had together. Don’t be afraid if lots of tears come. Look through all of the photos and find your favorites to print out and frame to place in your dog memorial display.


Losing a best friend like your dog is a very difficult and emotional time, but it’s important to remember that your family and friends are here to support you. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to grieve, no matter how long that takes. Don’t forget to say “Hello” to your dog memorial display every day and hang up photos of your dog as a reminder of their spirit.

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