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Do I need to buy bridesmaids gifts

Do I Really Need to Buy Gifts for My Bridesmaids?

Let’s be real, weddings are expensive. In fact, according to the The Knot Real Weddings Study, the average wedding cost in 2021 was $28,000!

After spending thousands of dollars on the venue, photographer, dress, décor, and everything else, you may ask yourself if it is really necessary to buy your bridesmaids gifts.

The answer is yes.

Hear us out… yes, you are spending a lot of money on your special day, but it is your special day. Consider the amount of money your bridesmaids are spending on a day that’s all about you. From the pre-wedding parties to the bridesmaid dress, the average bridesmaid is spending over $1,200!*  Aside from the monetary value, they are also giving up a lot of their time.

A bridesmaid gift is necessary to show them how much you appreciate everything they are doing to make your wedding extra special.


How Much Should I Spend on Bridesmaids Gifts?

The next question to ask is how much you should spend on your bridesmaids’ gifts.

It is generally recommended to get a gift that is valued at 10-15% of the bridesmaid’s expenses. If you have a maid of honor, that value should increase to 20-25%.

Here’s how you can figure out the value of your bridesmaid’s gifts.

Calculate the Bridesmaid Expenses

  • Bachelorette Party - $300 (dinner, drinks, transportation, hotel)
  • Dress - $325
  • Hair and makeup -$150
  • Shoes - $75
  • Jewelry - $50
  • Manicure - $50
  • Hotel Room for Wedding - $150

With a total cost of $1,100, expect to spend between $220 - $275 on a Maid of Honor gift and between $110 – $165 on gifts for each of your bridesmaids.


Do the Wedding Day Accessories and/or Favors Count as Bridesmaids Gifts?

It depends.

First ask yourself, “Is this something she can use again?” For instance, the chocolates on the head table are not gifts, but the personalized wine tumbler could be.

Next, consider whether or not the item will make the bridesmaid feel appreciated. If you give all of your bridesmaids a matching item simply because you want them to look uniform in your photos, it is not going to feel like a gift.

Lastly, don’t forget about its value. If the item cost $20, but your calculated bridesmaid gift value is $110, you cannot consider this item as your sole bridesmaid gift. You can; however, deduct it from the total value.

If you do decide to co-brand a wedding day accessory as a bridesmaid’s gift, be sure to present it in a way that feels special.


What Should I Buy My Bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids gifts need to show your appreciation. Generic, impersonal gifts are not going to do that. Rather, find gifts that emulate the same time and effort they have given you over the course of your engagement and wedding.

Personalized bridesmaids’ gifts are one of the easiest ways you can do this. Since the gift is customized with your bridesmaid’s name, it will show that you care about her individually.

Personalized jewelry, bags, picture frames, glasses, mugs or tumblers, and robes are all great examples.

Do avoid anything that has “Bridesmaid” written on it. While these are great for the wedding, your bridesmaids are very unlikely to use them afterwards.

Last, but not least, always include a handwritten thank you card specially written to each individual bridesmaid. This, more than anything, is going to express your gratitude for them!


*According to a study by

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