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Best Memorial Wind Chimes

Best Memorial Wind Chimes

If you’re looking for a bereavement gift that will last long after the flowers fade, memorial wind chimes are an excellent choice. Often associated with the presence of a lost loved one, the sounds produced by memorial wind chimes provide a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Wondering where to start? We’ve put together a list of the best memorial wind chimes.


Best Personalized Memorial Wind Chime

Custom engraved with the loved one’s name, a personalized memorial wind chime makes a thoughtful bereavement gift that can help provide comfort for years to come. With a large variety of wind chime designs on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which one is right for your recipient. That’s why we’ve chosen this “Listen to the Wind” Memorial Wind Chime as our best personalized wind chime. The engraved saying “Listen to the wind and think of me for in your heart all always be” is endearing and fitting for anyone. Available in three colors and three size options, you can find one that fits the recipient’s style, as well as your budget.



Best Father Memorial Wind Chime

Losing someone as important as a father is absolutely heartbreaking. A father memorial wind chime can help provide some comfort, as well serve as a constant reminder of his presence. This personalized dad memorial wind chime features printed tubes that read “Father… your love will be part of our lives forever.” Its sail features a heart cut-out and is personalized with the late father’s name and years of life.


Best Mother Memorial Wind Chime

The loss of a mother, at any age, is devasting. Help keep her memory alive with a gift that was made specifically for her. This mother memorial wind chime reads “Mom, even though you are no longer with us, you are always in our hearts” and it is personalized with the late mother’s name and years of life. Available in several colors and sizes, this will surely be an appreciated gift.


Best Grandparent Memorial Wind Chime

Find comfort in the memories that will live on long after they’re gone. This grandparent memorial wind chime reads “In memory of a beautiful life,” and is personalized with the grandparent’s name and years of life. A beautiful way to honor the life of beloved grandparents!


Best Child Memorial Wind Chime

There’s no pain greater than that of losing a child. While nothing can ease the pain, you can show the grieving parents your love and support with a gift in honor of their lost baby or child. This baby memorial wind chime reads “There is no foot too small to not leave an imprint on this world” and is personalized with the child’s name.


Best Dog Memorial Wind Chime

There are few things in life more heartbreaking than losing a dog. Afterall, they are a man’s best friend. Help keep the dog’s spirit alive with this personalized rainbow bridge dog memorial wind chime. Its colorfully printed tubes read “We will meet again at the rainbow bridge” and its custom engraved sail is personalized with the pet’s name.


Best Cat Memorial Wind Chime

Send comfort to those mourning the loss of a beloved cat with this personalized cat memorial wind chime. Its custom engraved sail features an angel cat silhouette and reads “The best angels have wings & whiskers.” Best yet, it’s personalized with the cat’s name.


Best Friend Memorial Wind Chime

Help honor the memories of a friend who’s passed on with this stunning memorial wind chime. With a modern black and silver design, the tubes of this friend memorial wind chime read “Memories keep those we love in our hearts.” Its customized sail reads “Memories of you fill my mind like thousands of starts in the sky” and it is personalized with the lost loved one’s name and years of life.


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