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6 Real Estate Closing Gifts that Your Clients Will Adore

6 Real Estate Closing Gifts that Your Clients Will Adore

If you’re a real estate professional, you understand the importance of a good closing gift! Not only does a closing gift show your gratitude, they can also help increase your referral business.

Just think about it… your client has a housewarming party and everyone is raving over the personalized serving tray on their coffee table. “This is beautiful! Where did you get this?” “Oh, my real estate agent gave us that. You should give her a call, she is the best!”

Conversations like this happen all the time! That’s why, it is so important to put some thought into your closing gifts.

Here are six real estate closing gift ideas that your clients will absolutely love.


Personalized Cutting Boards

Cutting boards make excellent closing gifts, especially ones that are custom engraved with the homeowner’s name and address. There are a lot of personalized cutting boards out there, but be sure you find one that is top-quality. Avoid cheap options including bamboo and plastic which could have short lifespans and can be more receptive to bacteria. Instead, opt for wooden cutting boards such as a maple cutting board or walnut cutting board. Not only do wooden cutting boards last longer, they are naturally bacteria-resistant and gentle on your knives.

This collection of custom real estate closing gifts includes wooden cutting boards and serving trays that are personalized for the client and also engraved with the real estate agent’s name and information.



Personalized “Our Home” Picture Frame

Nowadays, a picture in front of your new home is a social media must! Take this tradition offline for your clients by framing the photo in a personalized picture frame. Personalize the frame with the new home buyers’ names and home address.

If your client is buying their first home, check out this Our First Home picture frame.


A Local Experience

Are your clients new to the area? Give them a gift that will allow them to explore their new community! Ask questions to see what type of things they are interested in, then find an experience that will match. A sightseeing tour followed by a romantic dinner, an annual membership to a local museum or a brewery and food truck excursion could all make thoughtful gifts for your clients.


Personalized Wall Art

The proud new homeowners will surely appreciate a new piece of home décor, especially if it is personalized! Put some thought into the size and color of the personalized wall art to ensure it will compliment their aesthetic and new space. A few of our favorites include this Our First Home Wall Sign with Coordinates and this Let’s Stay Home wall sign personalized with their name and home address.


Personalized Return Address Stamper

There’s nothing more exciting than sending out your first piece of mail with your new home address on it! A personalized return address stamper with the home buyer’s new address is both a fun and practical gift.


A Tree Sapling

If the outdoor space allows, a tree sapling makes a great closing gift! What’s cool about a tree sapling is that they can watch the tree grow as they live in the house. Plus, giving a tree as a gift symbolizes life, strength and wisdom.

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