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15 Great Graduation Gifts

15 Great Graduation Gifts


Congratulations class of 2022! Now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things! Whether that be kindergarten, first grade, moving into college, or starting the first real full-time job. Celebrate the recent graduate with a gift that they will treasure for years.

We have the ultimate graduation gift guide from preschool graduates the whole way to college graduates.


Top 5 Gifts for Preschool and Kindergarten Graduates

Personalized Graduate Teddy Bear         

This teddy bear is super cuddly and will be treasured for many years to come. Choose the teddy bear’s fur color and customize its graduation gown with the child’s name and year of graduation. Teddy Bear will be there for them as they take on kindergarten or first grade.

Personalized Graduation Music Box

For a unique gift, choose this personalized graduation music box. The inside of this graduation music box is an open compartment for jewelry and trinkets. Choose from white, black, and bronze boxes featuring different music. Replace the graduation saying insert with a 4x6 picture that changes through every step of their life.

Personalized Picture Frame

They sure do look cute in their little graduation gown. Frame the graduation picture in a wonderful keepsake like one of these personalized picture frames. We offer a personalized kindergarten picture frame and preschool picture frame.

Gift Edition of The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be book is a sweet gift for the young graduate. This book has extra pages for family and friends to leave a personal message about how proud they are and where they see the graduate in a few years. They can look back at this book throughout their young life and remember how much they are loved and supported. 

Magnetic Building Set

They are still kids, so get them a fun toy that is also beneficial for child development. We love the stardust 15-piece magnetic building tiles set. These building tiles inspire creativity, help develop foundational skills in STEM, and they are fun for hours!


Top 5 Gifts for High School Gradates

Personalized Picture Frame

They have spent the last 12 years with the same group of peers, making memories and lifelong friends. This inspiring is the perfect way to remember the past 12 years. Personalize this picture frame with their graduation year, name, and high school.


As some high school graduates head to college to continue their education, they will need a few things that can enhance their comfort and learning. Pottery Barn’s speaker lapdesk is a useful gift that can help lead them to success.

Class Ring

There’s a reason why high school class rings continue to be popular graduation gifts. Class rings cement the graduates’ high school memories in an item they can treasure forever. Fully customizable, they can show off the ring to all of their friends and families.

College Survival Kit

Create your own college survival kit for the high school graduate. Add the essentials they may forget about when packing for their next step in life. Be sure to include, allergy meds, ibuprofen, a sewing kit, a first aid kit, and a few vitamins. For a bonus add this personalized graduate tumbler that keeps drinks cold for hours. This stainless tumbler will be beneficial when running from class to class.

Graduation Party Guest Signature Book

Throw a party for the recent graduate to celebrate their success with friends and family. Leave this personalized graduation party guest book out for everyone to leave their words of encouragement, best luck, and advice for the future to the graduate.


Top 5 Gifts for College Graduates

Personalized Picture Frame

They made it through years of hard work, studying, with many sleepless nights. This personalized graduation picture frame is a sentimental way for them to remember the hard work they put into the beginning of the rest of their lives.

University Flag

The graduate holds their university close to their heart. They made some of the best memories there that they never want to forget. Head to their university online store to find them an alumni flag to hang on their new wall.

Portable Steamer

As they move out of the dorm and get ready to start their first full-time job, they may forget a few things they need. This portable steamer from Bed Bath & Beyond is perfect to flatten out the wrinkly button down shirt needed for their first day of work.

Subscription to Blue Apron

The worst part about graduating from college is there are no more meals prepared for you every day. A subscription to Blue Apron is the perfect gift to help wean them off of a meal plan. Blue Apron has plenty of healthy, weekly meals to choose from that come directly to the doorstep.

Stainless Coffee Tumbler for Nursing School Graduates

First step is graduation, the next step is to pass their boards. Celebrate the future nurse or doctor with this personalized nurse stainless coffee tumbler. There are going to be countless early mornings and late nights in their future that will require a heavy-duty coffee cup that can keep beverages warm for hours.


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