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15 Easter Basket Filler Ideas

15 Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Want to avoid the Easter Day sugar rush? No problem! We have the top 15 non-candy Easter basket fillers for 2022.

Fill your Easter baskets with toys and gifts that kids will love and can use over and over again. Browse through this assortment of cute Easter basket fillers for all ages to enjoy.

Personalized Bunny Tumbler

Personalized stainless tumblers for kids are perfect for toddlers! The 9 oz tumbler is designed with a cute Easter Bunny and personalized with the child’s name. Equipped with a reusable silicone straw, this stainless-steel tumbler for kids is made with a no sweat, double-walled design to keep beverages at their intended temperature.

Easter egg sidewalk chalk

The weather is getting warmer which means it will, soon, be hopscotch season! Take the fun outside with sidewalk chalk. Let your child’s imagination run with drawings and games on the sidewalk.  

Fidget poppers

Fidget poppers are excellent for countless hours of mindless entertainment. Pick up Easter themed poppers, like an egg, carrot, bunny or a chick. These are useful to keep kids entertained in the car or when you’re trying to cook dinner.


Is there a rising artist in your family? Help them unleash their inner creativity in this 224-page sketchbook. Choose from monogrammed initials or the “Artwork for Mommy” design. Your little artist can spend hours creating artwork and drawings to hang on the fridge.

Coloring pencils

The little artist will need something to get creative with. Pick up colored pencils or crayons for them to use in their new sketchbook for endless coloring and creativity. And, they can enjoy them year-round!

Bendy Pencils

Traditional number two pencils are boring! Pencils that bend and twist can make homework and drawing more enjoyable and fun. They come in a variety of colors and can twist into unexpected shapes.

Bath bomb

Do you have a boss baby in the house? A bath bomb will make them feel like a real adult during bath time. For an extra surprise, grab a bath bomb with a toy inside that can be played with during every bath.  

Easter Book

After a day of eating candy and sweets, reading a bed time story is a perfect way to wind down. Place an Easter book in your child’s basket to read to them throughout the season. Watch the memories be created during a timeless tradition of reading a bed time story.

Stuffed Chick

What is better than a new cuddly, soft stuffed animal? A stuffed chick is invaluable for a child’s new best friend that they will carry wherever they go.  

Personalized LED Bunny Light

Check out this adorable custom bunny LED night light, perfect for a kid’s bedroom or nursery. This light is a comfort for children who are afraid of the dark. Best yet, the design and personalization is laser engraved on the acrylic so it will not wear off.

Peeps Lip Balm

Nothing was better than delicious Peeps marshmallows, until now. Lip balm that smells and tastes just like the Peeps candy. Delicious flavors will keep your child’s lips soft and hydrated. 

Bubble Wand

All kids love bubbles and adults even do too. Enjoy countless hours outside with bubble wands. Teach your child to stack bubbles or challenge them to see who can blow the most bubbles.

Picture Frame        

Is this your baby’s first Easter? Make it one to remember with this personalized “Baby’s First Easter” picture frame! Personalize the frame with their name and year. Equipped with a folding back stand, this Easter picture frame can be easily displayed on a mantle, end table or shelf. It fits a 4x6 photo.

Card Games

Accomplish more quality family time by stuffing the Easter basket with card games the whole family can play. Classic cards games, like UNO, Go Fish, and Old Maid, are wonderful for the whole family.

Homemade Sweets

Spend the afternoon baking delicious, homemade treats with your little one. The treats will be a delightful surprise on Easter morning. Share what you’ve made with your friends and family at Easter dinner.

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