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10 Spring Décor Trends 2022

10 Spring Décor Trends 2022

Home décor is always changing and our homes have adapted so much over the last year. We have embraced the importance of relaxation, sustainability, and multifunctional design. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. There is no right or wrong when decorating your home.

We compiled a list of the top 10 Spring Décor trends in 2022. These trends are energizing and fresh which will create a space that you will love.

Informal Dining

Dining room tables are no longer a stuffy, formal area to eat meals. They are a versatile space that have turned into school and work desks, an art studio, an entertaining space, and more. The dining room is now made to be comfortable and relaxing. While decorating your dining room, choose warm and welcoming décor. Add a warm, earth tone rug, personal photos for the wall, and throw pillows where you can.  Mix and match your seating to create the ultimate multipurpose space. Have a bench seat on one side of the table, stools along the other side, and regular chairs on the end; Everyone has their own comfortable spot.

Make a Bold Statement

Freshen up your living room with pops of bold colors. You don’t have do commit to painting a whole wall or entire room bright yellow; it is as simple as adding colorful pillows, rugs, or furniture.

Here are three bold colors to try in your home:

    • Lime green creates a connection to nature which is energizing and youthful.
    • Teal and blue provide a calming and soulful feel to the space.
    • Orange is out-of-the-box and exotic which feels warm and exciting.

Pair a deep blue ottoman with deep blue stripped pillows on the couch. Match an orange rug with a red and orange sunset painting on the wall. Take a risk and paint one wall in your room lime green and tie it in with a lime green accent chair. Bold color statements are a great way for your space to come alive. 

Personalized Pieces

To make your home décor feel extra special, fill the empty spaces with one-of-a-kind, personalized pieces. Personalize your living room with portraits, wall signs, or skyline paintings. Personalize your bedroom with wedding wall art, and a picture blanket. The possibilities are endless with custom creations. Personalized pieces are a unique conversation piece among family and guests.  

Shop at 28 Collective for your personalized piece for your home. We have wall signs, picture frames, stainless tumblers, and more.

Pet Centric

Our pets are part of the family, so why not give them their own perks of living in the house. Adding built-in and unique spaces for your pets adds comfort and convenience. 

Place a window seat or piece of furniture near the biggest, busiest window in the house for your pet to perch on and look outside. Another way to incorporate your pet in your house is with a pet den. Pet dens can be multifunctional, for example, it can also function as a side table or shelf. The pen den can be built into your lower cabinetry in your kitchen, so they can spend time with you, in their own space, while in the kitchen.

It’s a Jungle in Here

Bring the outside into your home to brighten and harmonize the space. Add plenty of greenery and plants for a refreshing environment. Plant ladders are a different way to showcase all of your house plants in one organized area. If you have a small apartment or living room, try hanging plants. They are out of your way, but they still add greenery to the space.

Nothing is more energizing than sun and natural light. Use big windows to your advantage and add minimal, light-colored curtains to let the natural light inside.

Allergic to flowers, forget to water your plants, or hate the messy dirt? Try faux house plants. New faux plants are more realistic than ever, without the mess and they are hypoallergenic for people and pets with allergies. They are an easy, quick way to bring the outside in and they stay alive all year round!

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability and greenery in go hand in hand. Sustainable materials are natural in the environment. There is more concern now for the environment than ever before and that is why bringing sustainable décor into your home is important.

Use curtains, rugs, and pillows made of recycled water bottles and plastic. Products that have been recycled saves energy and reduces waste.

A creative way to bring more sustainable pieces into your space is to add 3D printed functional décor. Virtually, anything can be 3D printed and there is very little waste and reduces supply chain carbon emissions. Print a funky lamp, an abstract art piece, or a vase for fresh picked flowers.

Sustainable materials also tie into our next two décor trends for 2022, vintage pieces and upcycling.

What’s In the Attic?

Vintage decorations, furniture, and artwork are back in style! With supply chains slowing down and becoming more expensive, vintage décor is the more efficient route. Today, it is easier to find vintage pieces thanks to Facebook Marketplace, online flea markets, thrift stores, and eBay. Use the old portrait your grandma has on her wall, dig through the attic to find vintage lamps, and browse online flea markets for the diamond in the rough. Buying vintage pieces for your home is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Love the vintage look, but want an update? DIY it! Upcycling is taking an old, wasted material or piece and turning it into a new, functional item. Add a fresh coat of paint to a coffee table or reupholster a chair freshen it up.

Here’s an idea! Mix cement and water; pour the mixture into a plastic planter or container; let it dry for 24 hours; remove and discard the container; sand away any rough spots; and add your soil and plants for a unique planter for your house plants.

Head to your local painting work shop to get your hands dirty. Design and paint a wall sign or glaze a set of clay coasters to add your own touch to the space.

The possibilities and creativity are endless when you do it yourself.

Luxurious laundry rooms

Everyone does laundry and guess what, it doesn’t have to be joyless and soul-sucking. Creating a bright, functional, and stylish laundry room and make it more joyful and easy.

First, you want to make the laundry room bright and attractive with lots of natural light shining through with a pop of color. Calm the space by painting one wall a light blue. Match the light blue wall with wood tone shelves and cabinets.

Next, the space needs to be functional. Add built in storage under the counter, hidden slide out drying racks, and don’t shy away from high-end faucets and sinks. These will make your life easier in the laundry room.

Lastly, add personal pictures and handmade art and décor to make the room stylish while keeping it homey.


Using geometric patterns in your home can add the illusion of a larger and more spacious area. Mixing and matching patterns are easy, but take our advice for geometric shapes and patterns so you do not overwhelm your room.

Squares are the most common geometric shapes to use in a home. End tables, tissue boxes, and rugs can all be square or rectangular. Repeating this shape, throughout the space will add a subtle geometric flow. Circles are a great way to create a soft balance to a busy room. Stripes are classic but versatile; Add a pop of color and excitement by choosing different sizes and widths, colors, and directions.

Take a look at your space and pick out the geometric shapes already present, then play off of them when decorating and designing. Be sure to mix and match shapes to add the most spunk and excitement in your room, but be sure not to over use them as it can become confusing and overwhelming.


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