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10 Smart Ways to Pack Your Bags This Vacation Season

10 Smart Ways to Pack Your Bags This Vacation Season

For many of us, summertime means vacation time! You’ve waited all year for this, so don’t let a packing dilemma ruin it.

Here are ten tips to help you pack smarter this vacation season.


Double Check Your Airline’s Baggage Policy

Before you start anything, check to see what type of luggage you can take on your airline. Every airline tends to have a different baggage policy and fee structure. Be sure to take a look at their policy so you can avoid extra fees due to weight and bag size.


Lay It Out

How many times have you packed your bag, and then at the last minute added more because you couldn’t remember if you packed those items? Happens all the time, right? This can be easily avoided by laying out everything on the floor or bed and taking a picture of it before putting it in the bag.  This also allows you to re-evaluate what you’ve “packed” and decide if it’s all really necessary.


Pack Outfits

Isn’t it so frustrating when you’re on vacation and realize you didn’t bring any tops to match your shorts? When you’re packing, be sure to pack outfits rather than items. Lay out each outfit, making sure you have every element (top, bottom, shoes, accessories). Pack them next to each other, so they are ready-to-wear when you unpack.


Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes rather than folding will allow you to fit more into your suitcase.  Plus, rolling can help decrease the risk of wrinkles. Tip: If you have an item that’s more likely to wrinkle, wrap it in tissue paper!


Is your Accommodation Accommodating?

Whether you’re staying in a hotel room, condo or Airbnb, there are likely items at your accommodations that will save you from packing your own. Check the amenities list for items such as a hair dryer, towels, sheets, paper products, and more.


Have a Dedicated Toiletries Bag

You know those items that you can’t pack until the day you leave? We’re talking toothbrushes, glasses, contact solution, makeup. Those items are oftentimes forgotten. To avoid an out-of-the-way stop to a drugstore, first make a list of the items you use on a daily basis. Next find a cosmetic or dopp bag to put them in. When you’re ready, cross reference your list as you pack up your cosmetic bag.  Keep this bag at the top of your suitcase or in a side compartment for easy access.


Be Choosey with Shoes

Not only do shoes take up a lot of space, they are heavy! Pick as few pairs as possible. While you have your outfits laid out, try to find a pair of shoes that would go well with a few different outfits. Also, be mindful of your destination. Are you really going to wear those pumps at the beach? If not, leave them behind.


Save Some Room

Do you plan on shopping during this trip? If so, save some room! This is something many vacationers forget to do and are left to either limit their shopping or pay for extra bags.


Take a Multi-Purpose Bag

Take a bag that you will be able to use in different ways. For instance, a tote packed with essentials that will function as your carry-on, but also used to transport snacks and magazines to the beach.


Don’t Forget “Out of Sight” Items

You won’t forget your phone, but you could forget the charger! Make a list of these “out of sight” items that you will need, but are likely to forget. Items may include phone and tablet chargers, ear buds, extra contact lenses, glasses, prescriptions and vitamins, razor, hair ties, and others.

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