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10 Best Thoughtful Grandpa Memorial Gift Ideas

10 Best Thoughtful Grandpa Memorial Gift Ideas

There are only a few things harder than losing a grandpa. The first days and weeks after a loss are the hardest to get through.

Giving a sympathy gift is more than showing your support, it’s showing them that they are not alone while navigating their grief.

If you don’t know where to start, look no further, we found the top 10 best memorial gifts to honor the loss of a grandfather.

personalized grandpa memorial ideas


Unique Mementos

If you are looking for a memorial gift that is unique and lasts longer than flowers, then next four gift ideas are perfect.

  • Often times we text or call the number of a lost loved one to let them know how and what we are doing, but eventually the texts can no longer send. This personalized “Letters to Grandpa” journal is ideal for writing thoughts and experiences that one would have loved to tell him.

personalized letters to grandpa memorial journal

personalized slate wall memorial sign for funeral

  • The holidays are the hardest times after losing a loved one. Ease the pain with this personalized grandpa memorial glass ornament which is custom engraved with his name and years of life. This ornament will twinkle on the tree with the lights.

personalized grandpa memorial christmas tree ornament


Personalized Wind Chimes

One of our favorite sympathy gifts are wind chimes. Remember a lost loved one with every breeze. We picked these following three wind chimes with the activities Grandpa loved to do in mind.

personalized golfing in heaven grandpa memorial wind chime

personalized fishing in heaven grandpa memorial wind chime

  • He was the best buckin’ grandpa anyone could ask for. Remember the good times together while listening to this personalized “Hunting in Heaven” sympathy wind chime blow in the wind. This hunting memorial wind chime features a grassy field with a duck flying over and is personalized with his name and years of life. Feel free to message us to change the duck to a deer.

personalized hunting in heaven grandpa memorial wind chime


Personalized Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great sympathy gift because they can preserve heartfelt memories inside them. Plus, they are easy to display on a desk top or on the wall.

personalized engraved memorial picture frame for grandpa

  • As a reminder that he may be gone, but you will meet again, this personalized grandpa memorial glass frame is engraved with the saying, “Watching over me from above, I am blessed with my grandpa’s love.” Plus, this frame can be personalized with his name.

personalized engraved grandpa memorial glass frame


Personalized Lanterns

Memorial lanterns make a heartfelt sympathy gift and attractive home décor piece. With a flameless candle inside, these personalized lanterns can keep their light alive anywhere in the home.

  • Personalize a gift to send the funeral home for the viewing and services. This personalized grandpa angel lantern is the perfect display of condolences to the grieving family. The candle inside will shine during the service as a reminder that he is not that far away.

personalized grandpa angel in heaven funeral lantern

personalized light shines in heaven sympathy grandpa lantern


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