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Cutting Boards

personalized engraved cutting boards

Our collection of personalized cutting boards are made from the only finest woods and hand-selected for each individual order. Our North American Maple and Walnut customized cutting boards are handmade by skilled Pennsylvania Amish craftsmen who take pride in their meticulous attention detail.

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What Type of Cutting Board is Best for You?

At 28 Collective, quality is our top priority. Our personalized cutting boards, carving boards, butcher blocks and cheese boards are made from only the best materials, including North American Walnut, North American Maple, and Acacia Wood. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these boards are made to last a lifetime. Below you'll find an evaluation of four different cutting board wood types to help you determine which cutting board is best for you.

Maple Cutting Board


Our hard maple cutting boards are our best-selling cutting boards. Handcrafted in the USA using quality North American Maple, these cutting boards are strong, long-lasting and attractive.

Maple is more scratch-resistant than other types of woods. Maple is incredibly durable, yet it will not cause damage to your knives. With small pores and self-healing abilities, maple is moisture and bacteria resistant.

Maple cutting boards do require some maintenance. We recommend handwashing and regularly conditioning your maple cutting board with cutting board oil.

Walnut Cutting Board


With an attractive dark brown hue, our walnut cutting boards provide a beautiful contrast to light kitchens and countertops.

Walnut is a popular choice for cutting boards because its dark color conceals stains and is often associated as a high-end cutting board. As one of the softest types of hardwood, walnut is gentle on your knife blades.

Walnut has medium-sized pores which makes it more resistance to bacteria and moisture than other wood types with the exception of maple and beech. Like maple, walnut cutting boards should be handwashed and regularly conditioned with cutting board oil.

Acacia Cutting Board


Known for its strength and beauty, acacia cutting boards are becoming a popular choice.

Although commonly associated with bamboo, acacia wood is type of hard wood, unlike bamboo, which is technically a grass. Being a hard wood, acacia cutting boards have natural oils that make it water resistant which helps prevent excess moisture and bacteria.

Like other wooden cutting boards, acacia wood cutting boards should be washed by hand and regularly conditioned with cutting board oil.

Edge Grain Cutting Board


Our maple edge grain cutting boards and butcher blocks are both beautiful and durable.

Crafted by fusing together parallel strips of hardwood, edge grain cutting boards are strong and capable of handling your toughest jobs. Because these edge grain cutting boards are made from North American Maple, they are resistant to moisture and bacteria.

To ensure a long lifetime, be sure to only hand wash your edge grain cutting board and regularly apply cutting board oil.

Once you decide on the type of cutting board, choose from our variety of customizable designs, styles and sizes.
Our customized cutting boards, butcher blocks, carving boards and cheese boards can be personalized at no additional cost.
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