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What is Sweetest Day? What are Sweetest Day Gifts? Who Celebrates? Everything You Need to Know About Sweetest Day

What is Sweetest Day? What are Sweetest Day Gifts? Who Celebrates? Everything You Need to Know About Sweetest Day

On the third Saturday of October, we celebrate a somewhat lesser known holiday called Sweetest Day. Based on its name, you can probably bet that Sweetest Day is about doing something sweet for someone else, but did you know that it has a more literal meaning?


How Did Sweetest Day Begin?

Sweetest Day was established in the 1920’s by Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy factory worker in Cleveland, Ohio. Kingston would distribute candy and gifts to orphans and homeless children as a way of showing them that someone truly cared about them.

By the 1930’s, Sweetest Day was starting to catch on. In fact, movie star Ann Pennington gave boxes of candy to 2,200 newspaper boys in Cleveland and actress Theda Bara handed out 10,000 boxes of candy to people in Cleveland hospitals. Bara also gave candy to everyone who went to the Cleveland theater to watch her movie.

While Sweetest Day has long been considered a regional holiday celebrated in the Midwest United States, over the past few decades this sweet holiday has spread across the county.


What Gift Do You Give on Sweetest Day?

Based on its name and the background of its founder, it’s safe to say that candy is the traditional gift of Sweetest Day.  However, modern Sweetest Day gifts range from boxes of candy to baked goods to flowers to personalized gifts. Sweetest Day is all about showing your love and appreciation for someone, so find a gift that does just that!

While we love candy, we also like the idea of giving something that the recipient can use again. Our Sweetest Day gift ideas include a personalized throw blanket, monogrammed tote bag and an engraved cutting board.


What’s the Difference Between Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day?

Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day both celebrate love. The key difference between the two is that Valentine’s Day is associated with the love of your partner, while Sweetest Day honors all the loves in your life and those around you who need love.


When is Sweetest Day?

Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October.


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