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What is a Stag and Doe Party? Plus, 5 Tips for Planning Your Own Stag and Doe Party

What is a Stag and Doe Party? Plus, 5 Tips for Planning Your Own Stag and Doe Party

A Stag and Doe party, also referred to as a Stag and Drag or Jack and Jill party – has become a popular pre-wedding event over the past few years, especially in small towns across Northern America and Canada.

What exactly is a Stag and Doe party?

Simply put, it’s a wedding fundraiser. Usually hosted by the bridal party, a Stag and Drag party provides an opportunity for the couple to raise money to help with their wedding expenses.

Money is raised by guests who purchase tickets to attend the Stag and Doe party. The cost of a ticket may range from $5 - $50 – depending on what is included in the admission. Some tickets may include food, drink and entertainment, while others only cover the cost to get in.

Inside the event, you may find 50/50 raffles, Chinese auctions, and games.

Interested in hosting your own Stag and Doe party? Here are a few tips.

Set a Budget

If your goal is to raise money, you need to make sure you make more than you spend. Price out venues, food, entertainment, etc. then determine how much you will need to charge for ticket admission.


Make It Worth the Ticket Price

While the goal of your Stag and Drag party is to raise extra funds, you do not want your party to come across as just a money-maker. Including some food, drinks, entertainment and/or door prizes in the admission will help make your party one that people want to attend.

Include Games & Tournaments

Games and tournaments not only provide a fun thing for guests to do at your party, but also will raise money. You can charge an entrance fee for each game or tournament, but be sure that the winner will receive a really great prize. Keep the games simple so any one can play, such as cornhole, ping pong or darts.

Ask for Donations

Chinese auctions and games can be a big money-maker, but only if there is a great prize to be won. The more items you can get at a low cost, the better. Many couples find that local businesses, especially ones that they are using for their wedding, will donate an item. This may include restaurants, hair salons, florists, etc.

Have friends or family members who own a business? Ask if they would be willing to donate. Give back to those who donate by advertising their business at your party. This could be by putting out a “Sponsored By…” sign with their business information or adding their logo to your tickets.

Thank Everyone

This may go without saying, but it is so important. Between the engagement, bridal shower, stag and doe party and wedding, guests will be spending a lot of time and money on you. Be sure you show them how much you appreciate their support. Just like other wedding events, send a handwritten thank you note to everyone who attended the Stag and Doe. Also, don’t forget to send a thank you to those who didn’t attend but donated an item or monetary gift.

Thank those who hosted your Stag and Doe party with a thank you note and a gift. If your wedding party was responsible for hosting the party, get them a personalized bridesmaid gift or a personalized groomsmen gift to show your gratitude.