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Groomsmen 101: What Is Expected of Groomsmen and The Best Man

Groomsmen 101: What Is Expected of Groomsmen and The Best Man

Your buddy is getting married and he’s asked you to be a groomsman… now what? There’s no denying that being a groomsman can be fun, but there’s also a lot of responsibilities that come along with the job, especially for the best man.

Are you ready to take on this role? Here’s a look at some of the responsibilities that will be expected.

Groomsmen Responsibilities

Buy or Rent Your Wedding Attire

As a groomsman, you are responsible for the cost of your attire. Most grooms will plan a day to get fitted and order the tuxedos as a group. If you have to go on your own, just be sure to order the style and colors instructed by the groom.

Help Plan the Bachelor Party

The bachelor party… aka, the reason you said yes to being a groomsman. Before this epic night of fun can happen, it needs to be planned. It is the job of the groomsmen to plan and cover the expenses of the bachelor party.

Get a Gift for the Groom

A gift for the groom from the groomsmen is a common tradition. The cost of the gift is split amongst the groomsmen and typically given to the groom at the bachelor party or rehearsal dinner.

Attend Wedding Rehearsal

Since you are part of the wedding, you are most definitely expected to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Be on time and take direction!

Get Ready and Look Your Best

The big day is here! Make sure you are wearing everything instructed by the groom, which may include cufflinks, a bowtie, black shoes, etc. If the groomsmen are getting ready with the groom, make sure he has everything that he needs.

Help Usher Guests

Arrive to the ceremony location 45 minutes early so that you can help usher guests to their seats. Always offer an arm to unescorted guests.

Escort Bridesmaids Down the Aisle

Depending on the style of the wedding, you may be asked to escort the bridesmaids down the aisle. Be courteous and smile to guests.

Smile for Photos

Photos are a key part of the wedding and the groomsmen are expected to be part of them! Listen to the photographer and cooperate with whatever he/she asks you to do.

Reception Entrance

It has become somewhat of a tradition for the bridal party to make a grand entrance into the reception hall. Be sure to communicate with the coordinating bridesmaid on how you will make your entrance when the DJ calls your names. Just be mindful of the guests and make sure your entrance isn’t inappropriate.

Have Fun

The rest of the night is all about fun! Enjoy yourself, but not to the point that it will embarrass the bride, groom or their guests.


Best Man’s Responsibilities

Were you asked to be the best man? If so, you have even more responsibilities! Here are a few of the extra duties you may be expected to do.

Go Ring Shopping

Sometimes, but not always, the groom will ask the best man to accompany him ring shopping. Offer your opinions and keep him grounded.

Plan the Bachelor Party

The best man is the quarterback in the team of groomsmen. While everyone is involved, you will ultimately be the one making the final decisions, reserving tables and/or hotel rooms, and handling the bills. It is your job to let the groomsmen know when and where they need to be and how much they need to contribute. You are also responsible for getting the groom to the party and making sure he is okay throughout the night.


Prepare and Give a Speech

At most weddings, the best man and maid of honor will give speeches. Take the time to prepare your speech. Make sure that it is from the heart and meaningful. Humor helps, but don’t go overboard! Avoid jokes that bring up the groom’s past loves and/or bad choices.

Make Sure Groomsmen Are Ready

The groom will have enough on his mind before the wedding, so help him out by making sure the groomsmen are dressed and ready for the ceremony. Double check that everyone has everything they need and look their best.

Look After the Rngs During the Ceremony

Small items, big responsibility! Keep the rings in a safe spot that is easily accessible when it’s time to present them.

Witness the Signing the Marriage License

The best man and maid of honor usually sign the marriage license as the witnesses. Nothing much to worry about here other than signing your name.

Make Sure the Bride and Groom Eat

Believe it or not, many couples admit that they never ate at their wedding! As the best man, make sure the bride and groom take a moment to eat their meals. Also, try to make sure their glasses (water included!) stay filled throughout the night.

Decorate the Car

If the couple will be leaving the reception in their own car, it is customary for the best man and maid of honor to decorate it. Obviously don’t do anything that will damage the car and always check in with the bride and groom before decorating it.

Pay Officiant and Tip Waitstaff

Lastly, you may be responsible for making sure the officiant and waitstaff are paid. The bride and groom will front the money, but you will be responsible for making sure it is given to the appropriate people.