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Photo Ideas to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Photo Ideas to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

From the moment you became fiancés, you’ve been ready to announce your engagement to everyone you know.

Before you post your new relationship status on social media, there’s a few things you should do.

First, personally tell your close family members and friends. Finding out big news about someone close to you on social media can be hurtful. You do not want to start this happy new chapter of your life by creating rifts in your relationships with close family or friends.

Second, put some thought into how you’ll first announce your engagement on social media.

Here are a few engagement photo ideas for inspiration. 


Close-up of the Ring

Show off how incredibly beautiful your engagement ring is by simply posting a closeup photo of the ring. Your caption or follow-up photos can offer more details on the proposal.


Selective Focus

A selective focus photo with the ring in the foreground is a creative way to show off the ring while officially announcing your engagement. Use the out-of-focus background to show the emotion of the newly engaged couple.


The Moment Before

Capturing the moment right before the proposal can make for an adorable photo! If you’re the one asking, be sure to find a trusty photographer who can take the photo right before you pop the question without giving it away to your finance-to-be.


The Proposal

This is a must-have photo! But, it does take a little work on the part of the asker. Make sure to either have someone nearby to take a photo or set up a timer on your phone’s camera to capture the photo at the perfect moment.


Personalized Props

Who needs a caption when the picture says it all? Use personalized props in your photo such as this personalized engagement picture frame or future Mr & Mrs wine glasses or coffee mugs. Not only do these make great photo props, they also double as engagement gifts!


The Subtle Pre-Announcement

Tease your friends and followers by posting a seemingly normal photo, but wear your new ring! See how many people notice. Then, follow up with an official announcement photo.