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How to Create the Best Personalized Gifts

How to Create the Best Personalized Gifts

Personalized gift giving is on the rise and we totally understand why. Personalized gifts instantly evoke thoughtfulness. Plus, they show the recipient that you put the time, consideration and money (even if it was inexpensive) into creating a personalized gift just for them.

The process of creating personalized gifts has become easier than ever. In fact, at 28 Collective you can choose, create and purchase a personalized gift in just three clicks.

That said, even though the process is simple, there are still a few things you need to keep in mind in order to create the perfect personalized gift.


1. Find the Right Product

While personalizing a gift will make it unique to your recipient, you also want to be sure that the product you choose is right for the recipient. A personalized beer mug for someone who doesn’t like beer may not be a good fit. Take a moment to think about the recipient’s likes and interests. For instance, if the recipient loves to cook consider a personalized apron or an engraved cutting board.

If you don’t know much about the recipient, look for a more universal gift such as a monogrammed bag or a personalized wall sign.


2. Double Check Names and Dates

Nothing ruins a personalized gift like a misspelling! Double check everything that you are customizing, including the names, saying and dates. Also, take the time to ensure you are using the right name or initials. For instance, if your friend goes by Bill but his name is actually William you will want the first initial in his monogram to be “W” not “B.”


3. Know When to Use Apostrophes

Incorrectly using apostrophes is one of the most common errors people make when creating a personalized gift. Apostrophes are used to show possessives. Here are examples of when to do use and not to use apostrophes on personalized gifts:

  • “Welcome to the Smith’s Kitchen” – apostrophe is used to show that the kitchen belongs to the Smiths
  • “Welcome to the Ross’ Kitchen” – apostrophe goes after the last name ends in an “s”
  • “The Smiths” – no apostrophe is needed when you are just referring to the family
  • “The Rosses” – if the last name ends in an “s,” add “es” to the end when referring to the family


5. Don’t Forget the Gift Message

Another common mistake people make when ordering personalized gifts is forgetting the gift message. If you’re shipping to yourself, this is not a problem. But, when you are shipping directly to the recipient you will want to make sure you include a gift message. Afterall, you put in the work to create this personalized gift, you will want the recipient to know it’s from you.