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5 Trends That Will Define 2021 Weddings

5 Trends That Will Define 2021 Weddings

To say that the pandemic changed the wedding industry would be a massive understatement. With a continued sense of uncertainty, soon-to-be-married couples are quickly adjusting to the wedding planning’s new normal.

Because of Covid-19, small, intimate weddings will still reign, but here are five other wedding trends we expect to see in 2021.   


Low Key Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

With travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines still in place, long-distance traveling and bar-scene bachelor and bachelorette parties are just not a good idea. Instead, consider a weekend getaway at a low-key AirBNB or host a small backyard BBQ.

Psst, Bride and Groom – do not cut back on the bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts simply because they did not spend a fortune on the bachelor/bachelorette party.  


Buh-Bye Buffets

Guests hovering over the uncovered food and sharing serving utensils… no, thank you! It’s safe to say that everyone is a little more germ conscious these days and buffets can easily become a germ-spreading zone.

While buffets have been a popular and economic option in the past, it’s best that you opt for a safer catering choice this year, such as a plated meal or individually boxed meals. A food truck can also be a great option for more casual weddings.



A Fresh Take on Registry Gifts

Not only has the number of unmarried couples living together increased, but the average age to married has been steadily increasing for nearly a century. To put it in perspective, according to the US Census Bureau, the average age to get married in 1956 was 22 years old for men and 20 years old for women, today the average age for men is 30 and for women is 28.

So, what does this have to do with wedding gift registries? Couples no longer need traditional household items, like dinnerware, cookware, cleaning tools, bedding and other must-have home items. Adults are living on their own for nearly ten years before they get married. So, chances are, they have already purchased these items.

This doesn’t mean registries are dead. Instead, you’ll likely find wedding gift ideas that are more personal to the couple, such as personalized home décor pieces, craft beer making kits, camping gear, home improvement items or other things related to hobbies they picked up during quarantine.


Live-Streamed Ceremonies

When it comes to Covid-19, we’re not out of the woods yet. To keep family and friends safe without cutting the guest list, many 2021 couples will livestream their wedding to guests.

However, unlike 2020, live-streamed weddings don’t need to be a rushed production. Knowing that your wedding will be live-streamed gives you time to make it extra special. Invest in some production equipment, such as a GoPro cam with a tripod and/or an external microphone with a wind shield, to ensure quality sound and high-resolution image.

Make your (virtual) guests feel special too! Send traditional wedding invitations with the livestream login information in the location field. Make a point to personally greet everyone who joins the livestream. If budget allows, send each guest a wedding favor such as an engraved champagne glass to virtually cheer the couple.



Watching 2020 couples scramble to change their date, venue and every other detail of their wedding has left a bad taste in the mouths of some 2021 couples. Rather than taking the risk, it’s likely that more couples will choose to elope this year.  Colleagues