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2020 Black Friday Shopping The Do’s & Don’ts for Scoring the Best Deals

2020 Black Friday Shopping The Do’s & Don’ts for Scoring the Best Deals

Black Friday is synonymous with amazing deals. But, it’s also known for long lines of people waiting to enter overly crowded stores… a scenario that is just not fit for 2020. With social distancing protocols in place, many retailers (including us, are offering their best Black Friday deals online this year.

So, rather than waking up early to stand outside in the chilly autumn air with a bunch of strangers, you can score the same amazing deals from the comfort of your home.

That said, the better the deal, the faster it will sell out. Be prepared with these five Black Friday shopping tips.


Do Subscribe to Promotional Emails

Don’t miss out on a great deal from your favorite retailer! Start subscribing to their promotional emails and following them on social media now. Why? Many retailers send Black Friday and Cyber Monday previews to their subscribers. Plus, they often offer subscribers exclusive offers and deals, in addition to being the first to know (and shop!) their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

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Do Make a Black Friday Shopping List

You never want to approach Black Friday without a game plan. Not only will this lead to impulse purchases, but you may also miss out on amazing deals on items that you intended on purchasing. Start your Black Friday shopping strategy by first creating a holiday shopping list with at least two gift options for everyone on your list.

Take the time to really think about the right gifts, so you don’t wind up impulsively purchasing a gift that doesn’t fit the recipient. Perhaps, mom learned how to cook this year and could use a personalized cutting board or an embroidered apron. Or, maybe, your best friend bought a new house this year, in which case, a Our First Home picture frame or a personalized Welcome Home wall sign would make a thoughtful gift.  

As you begin to receive Black Friday and Cyber Monday preview ads, make note of the retailers that will be offering the best deals on the items on your list.


Don’t Buy It Just Because It’s Cheap

It can be really tempting to opt for the 90% off item rather than the one that’s just 20% off. But, keep in mind, that many high-quality and/or designer items rarely come on sale. So, even if that sale price isn’t flashy, you are probably getting more bang for your buck than the incredibly low-priced items. That said, always read descriptions to find out the material and make of the item you’re purchasing – that will give you an idea of the quality. For instance, maple cutting boards are much more durable than bamboo cutting boards and engraved glassware will hold up a lot longer than decaled or painted glassware.

While you’re reading the description, also take note of the size. Photos can sometimes be deceiving and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a miniature-sized version of the item you thought you were buying.


Do Shop Early

Even though you can’t see people in line in front of you, they are there. And, when it comes to hot-selling items, those who get there first are going to get it. Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, visit the websites you plan on purchasing from, create a customer account and save the items to your cart or wish list. Know what time their Black Friday sale starts and log on a few minutes before that time. Double check your cart and refresh the page until you’re able to check out. 


Don’t Forget About Small Business Saturday

If there was ever a year to give small, local businesses some love, it’s 2020! Are you going to get the same outrageously low prices from small businesses that you would with big box retailers? Probably not. But, you’ll probably get way better customer care and a nice, warm fuzzy feeling for helping out your community. Plus, gift cards to local restaurants, breweries, bakeries and other mom and pop shops make great gifts for those hard-to-buy-for recipients on your holiday shopping list.