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10 Best Baby Gifts for New Moms That Aren’t on the Registry

10 Best Baby Gifts for New Moms That Aren’t on the Registry

Baby registries are great, but many new moms will admit that they had no idea what to put on them. That often results in gifts that end up in the back of a closet or returned to the store. If you want something out-of-the-box that mom will definitely use, consider these ten gift ideas that you won’t see on the baby registry.


Personalized Baby Picture Frame

Even though you probably won’t find personalized baby gifts on a registry, moms still want them! Personalized gifts, like this baby birth announcement frame, are a thoughtful way to congratulate the new parents with a keepsake they can treasure for years.


Personalized Bottle Labels

Most childcare provides will require that every bottle is labeled with his/her name. As a new mom, you’ll quickly learn that permanent marker rubs off and masking tape does not last through the wash. Save her some distress by gifting her personalized bottle labels. An inexpensive option is laminated, dishwasher-safe sticker labels or you can opt for a slightly pricier, but more durable rubber name label.


Meal Delivery Service

Most new moms will likely admit that in the first couple weeks, feeding themselves was an afterthought. Between changing diapers and feeding the baby, there’s little time (or energy) left for preparing a meal. That’s where a meal delivery service would become very helpful. Services like GrubHub or UberEats will deliver her favorite meals from local restaurants to her front door. Best yet, they offer gift cards!


Night Gown or Button-Down Pajamas

Not only are hospital gowns unattractive, they have the tendency to make a new mom feel uncomfortable especially when visitors stop by. A stylish night gown or button-down pajamas is a great way to help her feel more comfortable during her stay.


A Partially-Packed Hospital Bag

There’s a reason why “what to pack in your hospital bag” gets thousands of searches on Google each month. As a new mom-to-be deciding what to pack is a challenge; after all, she has never done this before! Help her out by packing some of her bag for her. Items to include would be hair ties, deodorant, magazines or books, a few of her favorite snacks, loose change (for vending machine snacks), gum, toothbrush and toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, and anything else you think she would appreciate it. You could also include a checklist for items that you can’t pack yourself such as glasses, contact case and solution, change of clothes, pillow, cell phone charger, makeup bag, tablet and other essentials. If you want to take this gift idea to the next level, get her a brand new bag too! This monogrammed canvas weekender bag is the perfect size to hold everything she’ll need.


Personalized Baby Blanket

What baby doesn’t love their blanky? Give him/her a gift that they’ll carry along with them long into their toddler years (and, perhaps even longer). Personalize the blanket with his/her name for an extra special touch. This personalized bunny security blanket is a great option too!


Newborn Photography Session

In today’s world, photographing the adorableness of your newborn baby is a must! But, as a new mom, it can be hard to find the time to research, contact and book a photographer, not to mention it is another added expense. Gifting the newborn photography session can take that stress off of mom. However, be sure to check with the new parents-to-be before setting a time and date or, if possible, purchase a gift package from the photographer and let the new parents schedule the session themselves.


Baby Essentials Back-up Kit

There are plenty of everyday baby essentials that are not on the registry. For a gift that mom will definitely use, create a baby essentials back up kit. Items in this kit could include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, a pacifier, an aspirator, nail clippers, baby pain reliever, a teether, baby lotion, baby wash, onesies and more. Trust us, mom will certainly appreciate this when she runs out of something important in the middle of the night!


Outlet, Cabinet and Door Knob Protectors

It won’t be long until that adorable newborn baby is crawling around and getting into everything accessible! But, when they are expecting, most moms-to-be aren’t thinking about protecting the outlets and doors. Save her a frantic trip to the store by gifting her outlet, cabinet and door knob protectors far in advance.


529 Plan Contribution

When it’s all said and done, there are a lot of baby gifts that will never or seldomly be used. If you want to give a gift that you know will be put to good use consider contributing to the child’s 529 plan. You can write a check in the parent’s or child’s name for deposit into the 529 plan or purchase a gift card from which the parents can link to the child’s 529 plan.