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The First Ten Years: A Guide to Anniversary Gifts for Him

The First Ten Years: A Guide to Anniversary Gifts for Him

Let’s face it, buying any kind of gift for your husband can be a challenge. But, finding the perfect anniversary gift seems to be extra difficult.

In this guide, we are going to give you anniversary gift ideas for your first ten years together. Best yet, these gift ideas follow the traditional symbolism of each year.

Let’s get started…


1st Anniversary Gifts – Paper

The first anniversary is an exciting one and, if we had to guess, you already have a few gift ideas in mind. Plus, paper – a symbol of a new beginning and growth– is the traditional theme of the first anniversary which gives you a lot of options. Being that it’s your first anniversary, incorporating something from your wedding into this gift is an excellent idea, such as a framed copy of your vows or lyrics from the song you first danced to.

Framed photos or letters also make a great first anniversary gift. Add a special touch by putting the photo in a personalized picture frame.


2nd Anniversary Gifts - Cotton

Representing how the couple is intertwined with each other, cotton is traditionally the gift for the second wedding anniversary. Just like paper, you have a lot of gift options that are made of cotton. From monogrammed robes to custom pillow cases, there are several ways you can make common cotton items into romantic anniversary gifts.

Try to relate the gift to something your husband enjoys. For instance, if he loves to cook, consider a personalized apron (100% cotton, of course).


3rd Anniversary Gifts – Leather

The third anniversary gift is traditionally made from leather. Leather represents the security and shelter you provide for one another. Finding a men’s anniversary gift made of leather is relatively easy compared to some of the other anniversary themes. Leather wallets, belts, and shoes are all wonderful options.

If real leather is not his cup of tea, consider vegan leather! This animal-friendly alternative is attractive, durable and is used to make a lot of gifts, including this vegan leather catchall tray.


4th Anniversary Gifts – Flowers and Fruit

Remember how we mentioned that some anniversary gifts will be more difficult than others? If you’re sticking to traditional gifts, the fourth anniversary is one of the hard ones. The theme is flowers and fruit. For him, it’s easy; a bouquet of flowers and done. But, not all husbands will appreciate flowers or a fruit basket – unless, of course it’s an edible fruit bouquet. So, for this one, you’re going to have to think outside the box. If he has a sweet tooth, consider baking him a homemade fruit pie (or purchase one from a local bakery). If he’s been wanting to give your landscaping a fresh look, consider gifting him a landscaping service or fresh plants, flowers or trees (bonus points if you choose a fruit tree!).


5th Anniversary Gifts – Wood

After five years, your relationship has developed its roots yet it still needs nurtured to continue to grow. This concept of roots is why wood is traditionally the anniversary gift of choice for year five. Personalized cutting boards or custom butcher blocks are a fantastic options for a fifth anniversary gift. Other on-theme gifts could include a wooden desk tray, a wooden beverage cooler, a wooden cigar humidor, or an oak liquor barrel.  


6th Anniversary Gifts – Iron

For your sixth anniversary, it is customary to give the gift of iron. Iron represents strength in your relationship. While iron may seem like a hard gift to find, there are actually quite a bit of great gifts that incorporate this mineral. An iron wall sign customized with your names, wedding date and favorite quote is a unique idea that you both will enjoy. Other ideas include an iron ring tray, a personalized pocket knife, iron cuff links, or a cast iron skillet.



7th Anniversary Gifts – Copper

Did you know that copper can produce heat? That’s why, copper represents the warmth of your relationship on your seventh anniversary. When it comes to gifting copper, you have a few options. Copper Moscow Mule mugs are a common seventh anniversary gift that he will love. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more personal try a custom copper keychain – like this one made from copper pennies.


8th Anniversary Gifts – Pottery

Symbolizing transformation and strength, pottery takes the lead for your eighth anniversary gift. Finding a pottery-themed gift for him can be tough, but we have a few ideas. First, look for a local pottery class. This will give you two the opportunity to do something fun and new together. If you’d rather get him a more tangible gift, look for ceramic mugs, flower pots, coasters or even these handmade razor stands.  


9th Anniversary Gifts – Willow

Like the branches of a willow tree, your relationship is flexible and adapting. But, where on Earth do you find a gift made from willow? Don’t worry, we thought that too! An obvious option would be to plant a weeping willow tree. If you’re lucky enough to already have a weeping willow tree, buy a gift for the tree such as a hammock or swing. You can also find gifts that are made of willow, such as ballpoint pens, spoons, wine boxes and artwork.


10th Anniversary Gifts – Aluminum/Tin

The 10th wedding anniversary is a major milestone in your marriage. This milestone is represented by aluminum which symbolizes flexibly and durability, but also toughness and strength. Our picks for 10th anniversary gifts for him include an aluminum wallet card customized with a romantic note, an aluminum briefcase, a martini shaker,