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5 Surprising Foods You Should Be Grilling This Summer

5 Surprising Foods You Should Be Grilling This Summer

Summer meals revolve around the grill, which makes it quite fitting that July is National Grilling Month.

While there is nothing quite like a grilled hot dog or hamburger, there are a lot of other foods you can (and should be!) grilling this summer.

Here are five unusual, yet delightful grilled foods.



Everyone knows that grilled veggies are delicious, but have you ever tried grilling fruit? The grill caramelizes the fruit giving it a sweet, yet smoky taste. Pineapple, watermelon, peaches and bananas are amongst our favorites, but any fruit is worth a try!

Check out this Grilled Fruit Kabobs recipe.



If you have yet to try grilled pizza, you’re missing out! The smoke from the grill gives it an incredible flavor and the open flame gives it a crispy finish. Whether you’re opting for a classic margarita or experimenting with fresh summer ingredients, you’re sure to get a homemade pizza unlike any you’ve ever had before.

Check out this Grilled Peach and Prosciutto Pizza recipe.



Think the grill is just for the main course? Think again! There are plenty of wonderful desserts that can be made right on the grill. One of our favorites is grilled pound cake. While light enough for summer, pound cake has enough substance to hold up to the heat of the grill. The smoky flavor pairs perfectly with the sweet flavors of the pound cake and the grill marks give it a beautiful aesthetic.

Check out this Grilled Pound Cake with Fruit Salsa recipe.



Doesn’t the lettuce just burn up? We thought the same thing! But, if done the right way, a grilled salad can be out of this world! Romaine lettuce works best, but kale is also a great choice. Be sure to slice the head of lettuce vertically so that the lettuce remains intact with the core. This will prevent the lettuce pieces from falling into the grill.

Check out this Grilled Romaine Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon recipe.


Grilled Cheese

Yes, “grilled” is in its name, but have you ever made a grilled cheese on the grill? We didn’t think so! The grill creates a beautiful toasted outside with a gooey, slightly smoky cheese center.  Warning: a pan-fried grilled cheese will never be enough after you sink your teeth into a true grilled cheese.

Check out this “Grilled” Grilled Cheese recipe.


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