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5 New Year Resolutions You Can and WILL Accomplish with Ease

5 New Year Resolutions You Can and WILL Accomplish with Ease

Every year you make a list of New Year resolutions, but how many of those resolutions do you actually follow through with? Not many? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, according to Forbes, only 8% of people actually accomplish their New Year resolutions!

This year, we’re not only embarking on a new year but a new decade. So, in our opinion, there’s no better time than now to crush your New Year resolutions!


1. Drink More Water

Chances are, getting healthier is already on your New Year resolutions list. Unfortunately, health goals are often neglected early in the year. Rather than making a broad or perhaps overwhelming health-related goal this year, stick with something simple like drinking more water.   

You can even download an app, such as Hydro Coach or iHydrate, that will track your water intake and encourage you to drink more. Invest in a stainless tumbler with a reusable straw so you can keep cold water with you everywhere you go.


2. Learn Something New

The sky is the limit with this New Year resolution! Think of something you’ve always wanted to learn and go after it. With so many online resources, you can learn to do something new in minutes.

So, put on your personalized apron and learn to cook – get that guitar out of the attic and learn a few chords –  sign up for that art class… you got this!


3. Find More “Me” Time

Don’t you wish you had a little more time for yourself? This year, make it a priority! Turn off the phone, wrap up with a warm blanket (like this personalized tassel throw blanket) and binge watch those shows on Netflix everyone keeps talking about.


4. Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been

Across the ocean or across town, travel to someplace you’ve never been before. Maybe it’s a restaurant you’ve been dying to try or a hiking trail that you’ve just heard about– psst, don’t forget to pack your monogrammed hiker backpack.

If you have a free weekend, go on a road trip and hit several new places! By the way, our monogrammed weekender bag is perfect for overnight trips.


5. Be More Generous

Giving always feels better than getting, so this year focus on being more generous. Generosity can come in many different forms, including donating money to a charity, donating your time to volunteer, donating your unwanted clothing or household goods or simply lending a helping hand to someone in need.